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Ruins - Spun Forth As Dark Nets (7,5/10) - Australia - 2005

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Neurotic Records
Playing time: 43:48
Band homepage: Ruins


  1. Spun Forth As Dark Nets
  2. Cold Dark Sea
  3. Long And Mournful Shores
  4. Draw Near The Ice
  5. No Trace Or Rumour >mp3
  6. The Ends Of The Earth
  7. Loops Of Time
  8. Feed The Emptiness
Ruins - Spun Forth As Dark Nets

There are less than a million people living on the Australian Island state Tasmania. So, it is not surprising that an extreme Metal act such as RUINS has as one of the members of the other well known Tasmanian Metal act, PSYCROPTIC. David, as he is simply listed on the album plays drums while Alex (this is a duo) plays everything else along with the vocal duties. What we get is a pretty solid album of contemporary Black Metal. The mix is ironically a bit heavy on the low end and muddy compared with the typical high, buzzing of older BM. This isn’t too much of a drag though and the production is good enough to present what is a well written and executed album.


Perhaps “Spun Forth As Dark Nets” should fall more into the Black/Death fusion so popular with bands right now, but Alex’s vocals are of the grating fashion that is emblematic of Black Metal; that on edge screech that has you thinking he’s about to say “fuck it” and start beating someone with the mic stand. Musically the tracks all contain a great combination of speed riffing joined with more weighted, slow and powerful mid paced sections. Throughout the album, RUINS maintains the dark, sordid tone which one comes to expect with such a release. It’s a pretty relentless attack with only what sound like a sample from a Kung-Fu film to break the wall of hammering music. I think a compliment of saying “Spun Forth As Dark Nets” sounds akin to some middle IMMORTAL albums is not far off. There is nothing necessarily jaw-dropping here, but it is a sound effort that would make it into my CD player again with enjoyment.


Don’t expect the technical wizardry you get with PSYCROPTIC from “Spun Forth As Dark Nets”, it’s not that kind of album. That is a good thing, as I enjoy hearing band member involved in side projects that veer from their normal path. No, RUINS is entrenched in much darker, simpler (although don’t mistake it for simple) adaptation in Metal and one I think will please many who like a good, powering crush of Black Metal. I do. (Online May 10, 2006)

Stephen Rafferty

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