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Solarized - Driven (4/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Stoner Rock
Label: I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison
Playing time: 40:05
Band homepage: -


  1. Intro
  2. Dig The Ride
  3. Born Of Fire
  4. Chrome Shop
  5. Meanspirit
  6. Angel
  7. Stab Your Back
  8. Firefight
  9. Box Full Of Dirt
  10. Southbound
  11. Conspiracy
  12. World Without End
Solarized - Driven
OK, Stoner Rock. Not the usual one, but more powerful and heavier, but still, Stoner. Not my cup of tea, never been, never will be.

Played quite snotty, but in that pretty repetitive, they repeat riffs and beats despite the short playing time a lot, even though there is quite some energy in it, for one KYUSS shine through everywhere and the continuous repetitions don't make the song-material any better either...

The official blessing of MONSTER MAGNET's Dave Wyndorf does not help anything, I think that even Stoner-fans do not really need this one...

Alexander Melzer

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