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Shattered Realm - From The Dead End Blocks Where Life Means Nothing (7,5/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Hardcore
Label: Alveran Records
Playing time: 21:58
Band homepage: Shattered Realm


  1. Our Time
  2. Devil In Disguise >mp3
  3. Endless
  4. Final Day
  5. New Disgrace
  6. Fallen
  7. Eat Shit
  8. No One Else
  9. All That Matters
  10. GBNF
  11. Her Justice
Shattered Realm - From The Dead End Blocks Where Life Means Nothing

Way back when American Hardcore waved cheerio to any British Hardcore Punk influence and set off along its own road, it was a pissed off wee beastie filled with conviction and a desire to occasionally conduct a few night raids into the Thrash camp. Today, a lot of Hardcore bands are too busy posing and looking angry than making music that excites. Hurrah for SHATTERED REALM then.


Fusing the stomp of chugging Hardcore and feet on fire Thrash, they convince as hardmen but also have the energy to let you know that they'll be hot on your heels if you give them any lip. “Our Time” lets you know straight away what you're in for as the galley drum pace heavy pounding accompanies the barked lyrics. Stretched chords prolong the menace into “Devil In Disguise” which throws in more of the Thrash to get your heart racing a bit. They've got the balance about right, so that the machismo is matched by a number of grin inducing speed runs. That said, SHATTERED REALM tend to keep to the steady gallop you would expect from a Shire horse and that means hard and heavy, folks.


Tracks fly by in quick succession, ranging for the most part between one and two and a half minutes. That makes for a very short album but not one you would want to avoid solely on that basis. The band seem intent on getting in on the health band wagon, offering their alternative to the Atkins diet with “Eat Shit.” I think I'll just stick to exercise thanks and you'll get plenty of it jumping around to this bouncy little number. As a chant-a-long, this album is a cracker, the testosterone exhaled by this crew will result in beards growing on any women within 100 metres. If you choose to join in, keep some throat soothers handy.


The crunch of “From The Dead...” is underpinned by the flat twang of the bass which takes a little of the bounce away from the songs and adds a little crispiness. Still, the riffs rise and fall like a cosh in a bruisers palm. When the clutch of more rapid sections are removed, you are left with a solid brick wall of hardcore which any attempt to bounce off will only cause pain. It's ideal for an instant ruck with your mates or any other method of expending energy. Scratch the surface of SHATTERED REALM and its still Hardcore underneath, in fact rip off their arms and legs and conduct a bit of DIY open heart surgery and you will still come to the same conclusion. (Online May 11, 2006)

Niall MacCartney

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