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Vanishing Point - In Thought (Re-Release) (6,5/10) - Australia - 1997/2006

Genre: Melodic Metal / Progressive Metal
Label: Dockyard 1
Playing time: 49:39
Band homepage: Vanishing Point


  1. The Only One >mp3
  2. Vanishing Point >mp3
  3. Wind
  4. In Company Of Darkness
  5. Dream Maker
  6. Sunlit Windows
  7. Blind
  8. Forgotten Self
  9. A Memory
  10. Inner Peace >mp3
  11. The Crow
Vanishing Point - In Thought (Re-Release)

I find it strange that these lads come from Australia – OK, I know I shouldn’t try to pigeonhole everything, but I just don’t think of this kind of music when I hear the term Aussie Heavy Metal. When I think of said kind of Metal, bands like DESTROYER 666, GRENADE, NAZXUL, SADISTIK EXEKUTION and MORTAL SIN comes to my mind, not this boring shite!


I may be a little ungracious to VANISHING POINT, I admit – they are OK at what they’re supposed to be, but this is just so damn boring and laborious to listen to. Musically they can be classified as Melodic or Progressive Metal, but I’d say they lean a little more to the side of the former. With that being said, not only is this album melodic, but it is so over-the-top melodic and saccharine that it really makes me cringe. Actually there’s very little in the way of real Metal on here – the guitars are very soft (in terms of both riffing and sound wise) while the vocalist uses way too much clean vocals. I know that heaviness isn’t the be-all end-all of Metal, but this is just a little too Metal Lite for my tastes. Also, I have to say that the guitar solos are great throughout the album and they make up for 90% of my rating of this album.


If you’re able to get past all the fluffiness going on here, some of the songs are actually quite decent. Tracks like “Vanishing Point”, “The Crow” and the instrumental “Dream Maker” are quite good, showcasing a keen sense of melody and a somewhat intricate level of songwriting. But that’s about it; the rest is purely disposable soft Metal. I’ll wager that anyone into a band like COLLECTIVE SOUL and other such commercial fare will find something worthwhile on here. But for now this leaves me about as excited as a deer in hunting season… (Online May 12, 2006)

Neil Pretorius

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