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Monsterworks - The Precautionary Principle (4,5/10) - Great Britain - 2006

Genre: Neo Thrash Metal
Label: Casket Music
Playing time: 49:40
Band homepage: Monsterworks


  1. Internal Velocity (Intro)
  2. M-Theory
  3. Screwdriver
  4. It Ends Here Today
  5. Metal Is Everything
  6. Game On
  7. Out Of Control
  8. Hypertrophic Me
  9. Bleed The World
  10. Triumph
  11. The Precautionary Principle
  12. Who Am I
  13. Outro
  14. Charred Vision (Bonus Track)
  15. Thoroughly Thought Through (Bonus Track)
  16. Unknown Quantity (Bonus Track)
Monsterworks - The Precautionary Principle

When I read in the information sheet, which was attached to the promo CD, that MONSTERWORKS’ sound sounds like a mix of Speed, Thrash, Death Metal and Ambient Trance (!) I knew immediately that won’t work. The band picture in the “The Precautionary Principle” booklet, the new record of the New Zealandish band that now lives in England, confirmed my doubts concerning the album’s class. And I was right...


The 16 songs, including intro, outro and 3 bonus tracks, don’t offer what I understand as True Metal – the band’s most important influence! First, everything sounds too modern to pass as True Metal (in my opinion anyway) and second, there is too much chaos and that should pass in the (Modern-)Thrash Metal genre.


Musically some of the parts are acceptable, some riffs are really good. The instrumental “Thoroughly Thought Through” reminds me a little bit of SEPULTURA’s “Chaos A.D.” period. In other parts of the songs is way too much overload for my melody-blessed ears. And the singer does his part! Who thinks King Diamond, Rob Halford (JUDAS PRIEST) and Gerrit P. Mutz (SACRED STEEL) are awful, will have Jon standing on his nuts with this screaming sounds. Well, I’m a fan of the mentioned bands, but this here is way too extreme. Above all the music of MONSTERWORKS is too disordered. I like the more riff-based Metal – melody is (mostly) trump!


It’s hard for me to find comparisons, cause I normally don’t listen to this kind of music. And if I have to I can’t remember the names of the bands cause I’m not going to buy their records at all. But I read in another review to “The Precautionary Principle” that IN FLAMES and SOILWORK fans should check out the MONSTERWORKS work. I’ll rather stick to the “real” True Metal... (Online May 12, 2006)

Chris Kraemer

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