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Evenfall - Cumbersome (5,5/10) - Italy - 2002

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 51:03
Band homepage: Evenfall


  1. Rawish
  2. Frontloader
  3. Dogma
  4. Entre Dos Tierras
  5. In Absentia Christi
  6. Overcast Sky
  7. Cumbersome
  8. Vangelis Mundi
  9. Unworshipped
  10. Conspectu Mortis II
Evenfall - Cumbersome
EVENFALL? Hm, there had been something... Black/Death Metal, right? That's true, but on "Cumbersome" they suddenly sound so different…

Gothic Metal with bi-vocals and some electronic influences is the dish of the day here. By now mutated into a septet, I am not so sure, if that really has to be viewed as all that positive…

First off the plus-points. The music itself is pretty standard Gothic Metal as we have heard him pretty often by now, although well crafted. Biggest plus is singer Roberta Staccuneddu, who has a quite nice and also powerful voice, which unfortunately here and there lacks a bit of variety and expression, but that is a "disadvantage" that one could overlook. Also the tries to sound different than the standard are praiseworthy and are taken down as positive.

Now to the not so positive things... The modern sounds of the keyboards do not really want to fit in with the pretty atmospheric/melodic music (they've heard a lot of newer THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, hm?) and they are not really compatible to my personal taste either. Takes away quite a bit of the expressiveness of the songs. But that is not the worst thing, because that is the voice of front-moose Ansgar Zöschg, who still is screeching through the Black Metal-past of EVENFALL, with a voice that goes right through you, lacking any kind of expression and not fitting the new style of the South Tyrolians at all.

That former PSYCHOTIC WALTZ and now-DEAD SOUL TRIBE Devon Graves is participating in the HEROES DEL SILENCIO-cover "Entre Dos Tierras" (and cannot sing his lines in the Spanish original, but in English, what simply doesn't suit this song!) doesn't change anything anymore, as they start out nicely powerful, but then when he joins in takes away the intensity and heaviness… Did they only want to have his name on the sticker to attract people?

As sorry as I am, but the disadvantages strongly overshadow the positive sides, especially Ansgar's voice destroys a lot of what the band instrumentally has constructed. The direction is good, that they want to differ, but unfortunately not more than initial stages…

Alexander Melzer

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