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Attacker - The Unknown (10/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Sentinel Steel
Playing time: 47:47
Band homepage: Attacker


  1. This Is Power
  2. Anger Aggression
  3. Blessed With This Curse
  4. The Unknown
  5. Nail It Down
  6. I Am Sin
  7. Your Own World
  8. Devils War
  9. Brainshake
  10. Tieneblas
  11. Fear Of Disgrace
Attacker - The Unknown

One thing is sure: ATTACKER deliver us an almost perfect Metal album. At least, I think so, because it’s out of question what Metal is and what not. Here we have sawing, heavy guitars, galloping drums, pounding bass lines and a kind of a shouter, I haven’t listened to since David Wayne (R.I.P. brother!) on the legendary METAL CHURCH debut.


You think I’m crazy? Probably, but I find this comparison is fitting. Bob Mitchell shrieks and screams like hell. Maybe some will have problems with his style – I don’t care. Those people don’t understand a band like ATTACKER. Leave me alone and go on listening to your monkey music with clean, corny choruses… ATTACKER play their Metal in 80s fashion and they don’t deny that. They offer us neck-breaking riffs on and on, killer solos and not one damn single filler. What we get is one headbanger orgy after another in uptempo style for the most time. Maybe it would be better for you to support this band instead of spending all your money for the weary old heroes like DIO, MAIDEN and PRIEST.


ATTACKER is the better alternative because their Old School Metal is way more exciting and livelier. Of course, all the classics have been already written, but songs like “Anger Aggression” or “Nail It Down” won’t ever be forgotten since you have listened to them. But I could really go on and name all their songs. There are only killers, blessed by a great but not overproduced sound. Many people talk about 80s-stuff and retro-Metal but the production is really up-to-date. But of course without any trigger sounds or a hundred times doubled guitar sound. This is the ATTACKER live sound! It’s decently pounding and the music is nicely straight and direct, so you have to love it… See you guys in September!!! (Online May 18, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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