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Silentium - Seducia (7/10) - Finland - 2006

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Dynamic Arts Records
Playing time: 48:52
Band homepage: Silentium


  1. Hangman’s Lullaby >mp3
  2. Serpentized
  3. Dead Silent >mp3
  4. Unbroken
  5. Frostnight
  6. Children Of Chaos
  7. Empress Of The Dark
  8. Seducia >mp3
Silentium - Seducia

A heady mix of Melodic Goth with a dose of good ol’ fashioned Metal makes SILENTIUM’S fourth album a much better proposition than I had first thought. Positioned right beside such Goth luminary as NIGHTWISH fans of doomy slow paced guitars spiked with bright keyboards, the occasional grating disparate vocal and some fine soloing will find much to admire.


A highlight is the voice of Riina Rinkinen yet another impressive female Scandinavian female vocalist who proceeds to stamp an air of authority across the album. As far as originality goes SILENTIUM don’t stretch the Goth musical spectrum to any degree plying the familiar sounds so entrenched to the genre. The opening brace of ‘’Hangman’s Lullaby’’ and the hard hitting ‘’Serpentized’’ are excellent stabs at Gothic Metal whilst the ballad ‘’Unbroken’’ is a real standout.


Fans of more Alternative strands of Metal played by the likes of ANATHEMA and (naturally) NIGHTWISH, LACUNA COIL and even ENSIFERUM will find this pleasant grazing pasture and those that would normally dismiss Goth’s as a bit depressive might well be converted on the strength of ‘’Seducia’’ (Online May 19, 2006)

Chris Doran

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