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Mortifier - Darkness My Eternal Bride (6,5/10) - Italy - 2000

Genre: Black Metal / Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Battlegod Productions
Playing time: 60:40
Band homepage: -


  1. From The Absu
  2. The Majesty Of Empire's Doom
  3. Darkness (My Eternal Bride)
  4. Astral Keys To My Mighty Visions
  5. On The Desolate Shores Of Eternity
Mortifier - Darkness My Eternal Bride
Italians with Battlegod, so you can push them into a certain direction style-wise already and indeed, Black/Death/Thrash of the pretty old school is bumping along.

On the first two tracks they approach us in the not exactly varied ufta-rhythm, but the third of the five tracks promises more pleasure to the ears. "Darkness (My Eternal Bride)" also contains some more slow-paced-parts, which loosen up the overall pretty uniform sound.

The ten-minute-plus mammoth "Astral Keys To My Mighty Visions" then shows taht MORTIFIER can do more than just stupidly thrashing their instruments. Here with fat, driving double-bass, straight forward, then the brutally massacred salto mortale, just to present us with a very calm, emotional passage, that's good!

According to the booklet the songs here already have four years on their back, so let's sit and wait which direction they had taken afterwards.

Alexander Melzer

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