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Necrodeath - 100% Hell (7,5/10) - Italy - 2006

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 38:49
Band homepage: Necrodeath


  1. February 5th, 1984
  2. Forever Slaves >mp3
  3. War Paint
  4. Master Of Morphine
  5. The Wave
  6. Theoretical And Artificial
  7. Identity Crisis
  8. Beautiful-Brutal World
  9. Hyperbole
  10. 100% Hell
Necrodeath - 100% Hell

NECRODEATH is Italy’s best kept secret. Having formed back in 1985, this project offered enough stellar riffs in their debut, “Into The Macabre”, to fuel a Post-Thrash band for its entire career. Their brand of heavy and muscular Thrash could be likened to early KREATOR with a competent drummer. Fast-forward to 2006 and we have that same animal in a completely evolved and cannibalized state. Most projects continuing this long, boast little hope in displaying competent song-writing which lives up to their early material; NECRODEATH, however, is quite the exception.


When one takes a detached view at the whole of “100% Hell” you can clearly see this is not a return to “Fragments Of Sanity”-at least not completely. We do have monstrous riffage, mind-blowing leads and vicious drumming which screams with the strained breath of the glory days. You hear that riff 25 seconds into “Forever Slaves”? That is pure “Tanathoid”. That cluster-fuck break in the beginning of “Beautiful-Brutal World”? “Stillbirth” motherfucker. Pier and Andy rip your fucking skull off and defecate into your body cavity over and over again till what little shred of dignity you possessed for standing up to that fat kid who listened to LIMP BIZKIT and stole your lunch money while proclaiming “Megadeth sucks!” is completely null. This is life, this is goddamn NECRODEATH.


The splattering of whiplash Thrash riffage is complemented with the intense and precise drumming of Peso. I have always been quite fond of this band’s battery and the excellent dynamics utilized as you’re hit with some of the best foot-work of the new Millennium. The drums also help sustain a modest chunk of the album which hearkens to the contemporary Metal scene and the project’s most recent efforts. A modern groove permeates this album in definite portions, “War Paint” and “Master Of Morphine”, in a somewhat similar fashion to that of new EXODUS. Mixing groove with Thrash is an inane idea in most circumstances, here; however, the band manages to pull the whole experience off by utilizing excellent musicianship, excellent riffs and exquisite compositional skills. This is the groove birthed by the likes of EXHORDER without the perverted taint of PANTERA and the collective Post-Thrash scene. In short, when the album strays from its core old-school roots it still remains completely quality.


Enhancing that contemporary feel is the relatively solid production given to “100% Hell”. Every instrument is allowed to sufficiently breathe and the guitars boast this heavy as hell tone which inflicts impotency upon first listen. The beauty of the whole effort is the fact that such a fresh vitality and youth is displayed in such a Modern recording. With unique and quirky songs like “Theoretical And Artificial”, with the overt injection of complete Thrash, the listener is practically bludgeoned repeatedly in the face with the notion that these guys really are enjoying themselves and are simply loving it in the process.


When “100% Hell” is on, it is fucking on; and when it’s not? It’s still quality. This is a diverse album featuring first and foremost intense Thrash and more riffs than you could fit in your pants if you were MC Hammer. Certainly one of the better Modern Thrash outings and completely unique with the excellent merging of their modern material. Thus, completely recommended and completely mandatory for any contemporary Thrasher with enough balls to stomach a bit of ingenuity. (Online May 20, 2006)

Charles Theel

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