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Rabbath Ammon - s/t (-/10) - Jordan - 2005

Genre: Black Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 16:24
Band homepage: Rabbath Ammon


  1. The Stellar Sophia
  2. Disciples Of Cain
  3. Crown Of Sand
  4. The Sign Of Evil Existence
Rabbath Ammon - s/t

Jordanian Metal is something truly rare, AJDATH, the so far only other band originally from Jordan that we have on TMO, has moved to Poland a while ago, so that RABBATH AMMON are the, at least for now, only completely Jordanian band on our pages. Founded in 2001 by two members of RAPTURE IN FADES and HEBRON, this 4-track EP is the first sign of life by Hanna and Fadi, who share the instrumental duties.


Musically they roughly combine Black and Thrash Metal, meaning that the music is mostly quite melodic, while they vocally stay pretty much on the harsh side. So far so good, they are good on their instruments, while the growls rarely surpass a pretty monotonous sounding average, which is not the main problem of RABBATH AMMON, though, because that is the responsibility of a machine doing the drums. Yes, the drum computer at times is pretty dramatically off the rhythm of the songs and seems to be put into the songs with thumb tacks.


“The Stellar Sophia“ is a quite good song, which suffers a lot from the drum computer, while on “Disciples Of Cain” the whole thing is united a lot more cohesively. “Crown Of Sand” is a good, varied track, if there was not a completely deplaced drum computer solo disrupting the flow of the song for good. “The Sign Of Evil Existence“ at the end is a tribute to ROTTING CHRIST.


They show a few good rudiments, which mostly stay stuck in mediocrity though and at times are stomped straight into the ground by the drum computer… I hope that on the brand new EP they’ve been able to get this more under control, then it could be more interesting. (Online May 22, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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