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Disgorge - She Lay Gutted (2/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Unique Leader Records
Playing time: 24:56
Band homepage: -


  1. Revelations XVIII
  2. She Lay Gutted
  3. Exhuming The Disemboweled
  4. Compost Devourment
  5. Sodomize The Bleeding
  6. False Conception
  7. Womb Full Of Scabs
  8. Disfigured Catacombs
  9. Purifying The Cavity
Disgorge - She Lay Gutted
Damn, too many DISGORGEs out there to figure out who's who anymore! This is the American one, and they play Grindcore, are you impressed? I sure am! And guess what, it has a nasty album-cover by Zig!!! I am not kidding, I do not kid on such things! Oh, except for the "impressed" part.

I've said it many-a-time: I enjoy GOOD Grindcore. I've played the living shit out of GORGASM's "Bleeding Profusely", because of it's incredibly tight performance and technical, yet direct and brutal compositions. "She Lay Gutted", in comparison, is pure weakness. Every song follows the same repetitive formula, as is common with this sub-genre nowadays. Throw in those obligatory vocal turds and you've got yourself one of the finest shit sandwiches this side of Omaha!!! Or wherever they serve those...

There really is a criteria a Grind-band must meet in order to make me sit up in my chair and listen, and at ground zero is a super-tight performance. Music this extreme cannot afford to have sloppy musicianship. "She Lay Gutted" does not fire on this particular cylinder. Stringing together a bunch of directionless grinds and sludgy dirges will compel me towards the "STOP" button almost as fast as an ICED EARTH-song (almost!). Then, of course, when the drummer takes the "hey-I-can-play-fast-double-bass-so-I'll-just-throw-it-in-wherever-the-fuck"-mentality, my attention says "later dude, I need a vacation".

But there are these facts to consider: the guitarists can play lots of notes, the vocalist sings admirably from his colon, and the songs could barely be called songs. Therefore, any Grind-fiends out there really need this album! Wes, if you read this review, ask me to send this album to you if you don't already have it (can't imagine how you wouldn't), but remember, the artwork is offensive, and I know that's not your thing!!!

Hmmm, yeah...anyway, there you have it: DISGORGE. They play Grindcore.

Gabriel Gose

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