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Lacuna Coil - Karmacode (6/10) - Italy - 2006

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 47:29
Band homepage: Lacuna Coil


  1. Fragile
  2. To The Edge
  3. Our Truth >mp3
  4. Within Me
  5. Devoted
  6. You Create
  7. What I See
  8. Fragments Of Faith
  9. Closer
  10. In Visible Light
  11. The Game
  12. Without Fear
  13. Enjoy The Silence
Lacuna Coil - Karmacode

It's been ten years (give or take) that these guys have been paying their dues and their time has now come to break into the mainstream once and for all. I have been pretty much listening to them since their full length debut "In A Reverie" some years ago. Yeah, basically when this music wasn't all the rage yet. Not even in Europe. As time wore on, I began to get bored with them. Perhaps it was because I felt like I was losing one of my own as everyone was now talking about them. Know what I mean? Sure I am selfish, but they must grow and others must discover this great talent.


I am basically bored with the Gothic movement especially when all the bands must have two singers (one male who sings angrily and aggressively and the other is an angelic female voice). The Euro flavor of the band that has made them such darlings is pretty much gone as they have adopted the American sound of Nu-Metal and such in my eyes. First cut "Fragile" has aggressively low tuned guitars that are heard all the time with American bands. The electro vibes and synths are in check here as well as Cristina's soaring and beautiful voice along with Andrea's evil tones that counter her singing. Some of the Gothic romanticism sounds are also included, but it's pretty much not what I would have expected. Dude!


"To The Edge" has licks on here that sounds like it came from a KORN disc. Sure, you have another catchy tune on your hands, but I think the die hards will be a little disheartened by it while the Hot Topic kids will eat this up to the max. The first track I heard from this new release was "Our Truth" both on satellite radio and Headbanger's Ball. I wasn't and still not impressed by this track. Ms. Scabbia's voice doesn't sound that great here and the music just doesn't gel well for me. Now, in my eyes the band really strikes gold whenever they deliver a ballad. "Within Me" is what I call traditional LC. The acoustic guitars are there along with the soft and gentle voice. It's mellow, sincere and genuine. This is how I remember the band from back in the day. "Devoted" is another home run musically and while it may seem like they are on roll, then more of Nu crap guitar tones invade “What I See." They seem to mix that with the Gothic/Pop/Rock/Metal tones that sort of balances out, but not to my liking. At the end of the show, the six piece decide to cover DEPECHE MODE's "Enjoy The Silence", which in some points sounds like the original, but they change things up a bit to make it their own. A good choice for them.


In the end, I hate to rag on them and this record, but I don't like some of the choices that they made for their new compositions. I know we all must change and move ahead, but they had a formula from the beginning that would never die. I know that a lot of the stuff on here may sound experimental, but I don't think they would see it that way. They also know how to blend all the various genres, but just not to my liking. The end result is that whatever I say here won't matter, because the fans will buy regardless. The old schoolers may see some of my points or maybe not, but the new crop of kiddies with spiked hair will flock to this for sure. While this is an ok album with spikes of interest, it will never come in my eyes to "Unleashed Memories" or "Comalies" which had a shit load of memorable tunes. (Online May 24, 2006)

Joe Florez

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