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Zombi - Surface To Air (2/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Dark Wave
Label: Relapse Records
Playing time: 44:21
Band homepage: -


  1. Challenger >mp3
  2. Digitalis >mp3
  3. Legacy
  4. Surface To Air
  5. Night Rhythms
Zombi - Surface To Air

When you stumble upon a band called ZOMBI that is signed to Relapse Records, you'd probably expect it to be some sort of insane (and perhaps inane) Grindcore. Well, inane this is, but Grindcore it isn't. No folks, ZOMBI sound like someone slowed the tempo down on the demo feature of your little sister's keyboard and recorded it for forty-five minutes or so. After listening to it, I can say with full certainty that if I had paid money for this, I would hate myself.


I'm not kidding. The drums are thin and the keyboards sound very much like they were played on a cheap toy. The only thing that ever does anything remotely interesting is the bass and the only reason it stands out as interesting is against the dull backdrop of the keys and drums. And you know, I'm no mathematician, but I don't think that thin drums + cheap keyboards + semi-interesting bass is really a formula for good music. These five tracks contain absolutely nothing of even remote quality. And before my comments get chalked up to some sort of prejudice against things non-Metal, let me say that there are countless better artists playing this style of music. My problem with this is nothing short of the fact that it is bad.


Why a huge label like Relapse would release this is beyond me. It had to have been done as a favor to a friend. There are simply too many good bands out there that deserve record deals for something like this to get label support. (Online May 24, 2006)

Wesley D. Cray

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