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Gothic Knights - Kingdom Of The Knights (9,5/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Sentinel Steel
Playing time: ??:??
Band homepage: Gothic Knights


  1. At Dawn You Die
  2. War In The Sky
  3. Ring Of Souls
  4. Song Of Roland
  5. Demons Buried Within
  6. That Evil Wizard
  7. Keeper Of The Gate
  8. The Ripper
Gothic Knights - Kingdom Of The Knights
A true gemstone of US-Metal is the 99-album "Kingdom Of The Knights" by GOTHIC KNIGHTS. The artsy drawn cover alone, showing two knights with raised lances, makes you eagerly await the content. And it very impressively matches the great visuals!!! We get melodic Power Metal, perfectly played, on the highest level. No European bombast or nursery rhyme-influences, here is celebrated what the Americans had been standing for in the Eighties: Best Metal in tradition of STEEL PROPHET, OMEN, TENSION, FATES WARNING etc.

The speedy opener "At Dawn You Die" already crushes any doubts and kindles a headbanging-orgy, big time! The absolutely fantastic vocals strike first, also convincing in the higher pitches. And that's just the beginning, always straight, always heroic, here rather mid-paced, there slightly progressively tinted, then more hymnic. They just do it, the GOTHIC KNIGHTS!

A wet dream for every dream of good US-steel. Only point of criticism is the unnecessary cover-version of PRIESTs "The Ripper", which AGENT STEEL had played more glorious on their "Mad Locust Rising"-EP. The rest of the album are only winners and has classic-ambitions! I already am looking forward to the third album of the knights, which should be out soon!

Get this gemstone of newer US-Metal-art at each good mailorder (Hellion, Metal Merchant, Rising Sun etc.) or concact the band directly under:

John Tsantakis/ 1844 Haring Street/ Brooklyn, NY 11229 USA

Ralf Henn

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