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Adversus - Einer Nacht Gewesenes (2/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Gothic / Electro
Label: Sonorium
Playing time: 77:51
Band homepage: Adversus


  1. Dämmerung
  2. Die Letzte Glocke >mp3
  3. Komm', Oh Tod
  4. Abendklang
  5. Die Nihilistenhymne (Seelenwinter II) >mp3
  6. Die Zeit Steht Still
  7. Und Dann: Ein Blick
  8. Deiner Schönheit Gewahr
  9. Borderlineprinzessin
  10. Stille Atmet Leise Nacht
  11. Dies Ist Offensichtlich
  12. Schlafe Wohl
  13. Träume Weiter, Schönes Kind
  14. Ein Sehnen
  15. Spinnenbein Und Falkenherz >mp3
  16. Kalt, Dieser Morgen
  17. Morgenstille
Adversus - Einer Nacht Gewesenes

What the hell is that? Who knows me or read my profile knows that I can’t stand Electro-sounds. And now I really have to review one of those? I can’t believe it! I once went to the KUZ in Mainz to go to the Dark Awakening, but only to meet an old classmate I haven’t seen in more than 10 years. And they were everywhere: dorks acting weird to some Electro garbage. In the other room they played Alternative Rock, not better, but nothing’s worse than listening to the new 78-minute long “Einer Nacht Gewesenes”-record by ADVERSUS.


I hold nothing against Gothic. As long as it’s mixed with Metal and as classy as “Widow’s Weeds” (TRISTANIA) or the first four NIGHTWISH-albums. I’ve got no problems with Classical Metal either, after all HAGGARD is one of my favourite bands. And I welcome medieval music like the first two IN EXTREMO-CDs as well. But this one!? There’s an old saying: Too many cooks mess up the soup. This works with this sorry effort, cause most of the songs are way too overloaded with thousands of different melodies. And always annoying in the background: the Techno sounds – that’s not part of the point of the Rock-/Metal-scene! Damn!


I suffered, listening to this bullshit twice and I won’t listen to it for a third time! If ADVERSUS would get rid of the Electro-sounds and play their music more like the ingenious HAGGARD, even with the vocals (doesn’t matter if male or female, it’s just annoying!), it would help the (anyhow acceptable) music of the 7-headed-band a lot. (Online May 27, 2006)

Chris Kraemer

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