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Construcdead - Repent (8/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Cold Records
Playing time: 41:42
Band homepage: Construcdead


  1. God After Me
  2. Repent
  3. As Time Bleeds
  4. My Undying Hate
  5. Moral In Corrosion
  6. Through Parasite Eyes
  7. I've Come To Rule
  8. The Rain
  9. To War
  10. At Any Cost
  11. Metamorphosia
Construcdead - Repent
OK, first off the facts: CONSTRUCDEAD are from Sweden and play Death Metal.

Alright, that aside let's come to the content. After re-reading Mathieu's review of their demo I had been really looking forward to hearing "Repent". While listening to it for the first time, though, I had been a bit disappointed, it sounded almost like a number of bands already in my collection, so the CD went into the "not-yet-reviewed"-pile. But then I thought that I could just put it into my player in my car and listen to it on my way to work and back again, then I can listen more closely.

Well, after two times it finally worked, I understood the CD! What CONSTRUCDEAD play here is not really Göteborg-Death, for that a certain touch is missing, but they rather sound like a mix of these bands and some AMON AMARTH and also UNLEASHED in the sound, damn powerful, but despite the heaviness still nicely melodic and they also cleverly vary the tempo, to get the heaviness out of more slow-paced and heavy songs at certain times. And they have something that s always a good way to win me over, a little tip, it's got something to do with the guy behind the drums… (*whispering* Psst, I only say double-bass :))

Only point of criticism of this record, which also has a nicely powerful production, are the vocals, which are good, but over the whole album a little too monotonous for my taste, but with grenades like "God After Me", "As Time Bleeds", "I've Come To Rule" (damn good one!!!) or "Metamorphosia" that is a point that I can easily overlook, because those are damn good indeed!

Sure, CONSTRUCDEAD are no revelation of Death Metal, no new definition, but "Repent" is a damn good album and should not disappoint any Death Metaller.

Alexander Melzer

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