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Unearthly Trance - The Trident (9/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Relapse Records
Playing time: 45:41
Band homepage: Unearthly Trance


  1. Permanent Ice >mp3
  2. Decrepitude
  3. You Get What You Want
  4. The Air Exists
  5. The Sea Accepts Me
  6. Scarlet
  7. Wake Up And Smell The Corpses
  8. Firebrand
  9. In Self, Infinite
  10. Where The Unbelievable Is Ordinary
Unearthly Trance - The Trident

What a band name! As soon as I saw UNEARTHLY TRANCE I knew roughly what kind of music to expect and that it most probably was going to be very good. And I wasn’t wrong at all. Really dirty Doom Metal is the foundation of the New Yorker’s music but you can add fine amount of Sludge, grooving Stoner and even Black Metal parts to that. All that and it’s played with absolute class.


Listen to the opening drone/riff of “Permanent Ice” which is best described as a tsunami-riff, an excellent way to welcome you to the Trance. Then there’s the more paced but ultra-heavy extreme Doom of “The Air Exists” that leads you into a groovy trance. But there’s also a mighty monolithic Sludge song aptly titled “The Sea Accepts Me” because it’ll make you feel like huge waves are slowly but certain crashing into you. Or what about the near-Black Metal opening of “Scarlet” that features some excruciating vocals between the Sludge riffs. Not to mention the supreme drones of “Wake Up And Smell The Corpses” that actually sounds like a superior and huge foghorn. Here the band very effectively mixes suicidal vocals with a desperate clean voice.


Really, there’s plenty of variety here but it’s all presented within the frame of extreme Doom Metal. Where it not that I am still in an UNEARTHLY TRANCE I deeply bow down to these musicians and similar artists. (Online May 29, 2006)

Milan Elkerbout

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