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Black Cobra - Bestial (7,5/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Sludge Metal
Label: At A Loss Recordings
Playing time: 36:19
Band homepage: Black Cobra


  1. One Nine
  2. Thrown From Great Heights
  3. El Equis
  4. Beneath
  5. Omniscient >mp3
  6. The Cry Of Melora
  7. Broken On The Wheel
  8. Sugar Water
  9. El Doce De Octubre
  10. Sombra De Bestia
  11. Kay-Dur-Twenty
Black Cobra - Bestial

There must be something in the water. So far just this year there have been quality releases from bands such as THE ABOMINABLE IRON SLOTH, CAPRICORNS, ULTRALORD and now from fellow Sludgesters BLACK COBRA. Sludge, of course, is nothing new, with well-known bands such as CROWBAR, EYEHATEGOD and IRON MONKEY carrying the torch throughout the past decade. Combining the filth and crust of Punk with the sheer heaviness of Doom Metal, bands like the above simply offer the best in whiskey-soaked oppression. BLACK COBRA is the next in this line of bands, offering their own take on this pure aural nihilistic art.


Droning, fuzzed-out SABBATH riffs lead the way here, with the rhythm section acting as a hammer to pound the riffs deeper into your skull. Once the band has wormed into your psyche, the vocals pick away at your brains, often completely indecipherable and always pissed-off. At times, the vocals on "Bestial" remind me of the young Ian McKaye, back in his MINOR THREAT days - they're delivered with conviction and force, but with an obviously unpolished edge that makes them all the more sincere. There's something to mindless screaming and BLACK COBRA utilize it to the best effect.


The image that comes to mind when I'm listening to "Bestial" is that of being sucked into a massive oil spill. Not in the ocean, but in a tar pit and right before a tornado rips through the landscape. Not exactly pleasant - in fact, far from it - but when you're feeling self-destructive, it sure does sound appealing. "Bestial" is mood music and for best effect, listen to this when extremely pissed off. (Online May 29, 2006)

Wesley D. Cray

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