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Enochian Crescent - Black Church (7,5/10) - Finland - 2006

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Woodcut
Playing time: 37:19
Band homepage: Enochian Crescent


  1. Tatan
  2. Tango Absinto
  3. Chalk Face
  4. Thousand Shadows
  5. Ghost Of Saturn
  6. The Imperfect Vision
  7. Hendekagrammaton
  8. Tridents Clash
  9. Black Church
Enochian Crescent - Black Church

Here they are again, the crazy Satanists from Finland: ENOCHIAN CRESCENT and they are still extreme and full of variation. “Black Church” is by far the most varied Black Metal album of the last years. It would be roughly comparable with DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE since they are the same diverse. Otherwise, the Finns stand totally on their own.


So, what can I say; they still scratch everything what’s at least Metal-sounding, may it be total fury or acoustic stuff, their essence remains always sinister and insane. As result, they offer us some very good songs and parts like “Tridents Clash” or “Tatan” but you have to have some good nerves because ENOCHIAN CRESCENT can be very stressful; their loads of tempo changes and atmosphere shifts are extreme! And often, they want too much! But who thinks that Black Metal has to be simple should listen to this really blackened stuff… (Online May 31, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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