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Golgotha - New Life (6/10) - Spain - 2006

Genre: Doom Metal / Death Metal
Label: Metal Age Productions
Playing time: 45:36
Band homepage: Golgotha


  1. Forever Gone
  2. Never, Never Again
  3. Trapped In Two Worlds >mp3
  4. Repentance
  5. I Am Lost
  6. Broken Emotions
  7. Need You
  8. New Life
  9. Knife Edge
  10. Lake Of Memories (2005 Version)
Golgotha - New Life

Another Romantic-language band, another naked woman in a forest on the album cover.


Oh Doom/Death, you are a sour mistress, often combining the worst aspects of Doom and Death into one tedious product. Do you want really slow, repetitive riffs combined with monotonous grunts? Doom/Death!


Okay, GOLGOTHA isn’t that bad. This Spanish group formed in 1992, broke up in 1998 and reformed in 2004 with only one member remaining (Vincent J. Praya, also of UNBOUND TERROR, guitars) and a few session musicians filling everything else in. “New Life” is GOLGOTHA’s third full length.


I suppose my stance on Doom/Death above is a little unfair. GOLGOTHA certainly isn’t that bad, just…underwhelming, I suppose. They’re not that negatively slow—aside from “Lake Of Memories,” none of the songs are much past the five minute mark. Between the songs there’s some variability. You’ve got your dirge speed wrist slitters (such as “Lake Of Memories”) and some faster ones where maybe you’ll kill someone else before shooting yourself in the face (“Never, Never Again”).


Unfortunately, GOLGOTHA doesn’t bring much variation within the songs themselves. They settle on one or two simplistic patterns and then just do that four minutes or so. As such, the album runs together because there’s nothing to identify when in a song you are. There’s a distinct lack of progression in the songs themselves or sense of achievement—it’s an amorphous mass where up is down and North is backwards. The Barnesian grunts and gurgles of session vocalist David Rotten (AVULSED, CHRIST DENIED) don’t help matters any, as they sound the same no matter what he’s doing. Oh yeah, “Knife Edge” is a cover of an EMERSON, LAKE AND PALMER song with synth line and annoying bass riff that unwisely forces Rotten to carry the music at times.


You probably won’t get much out of GOLGOTHA. When they break the pattern with little melodic segues, there are indicators of quality and something worth paying attention to. But that’s all too rare in what’s otherwise a morass of Doom/Death gloom. (Online June 1, 2006)

Keith Stevens

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