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Icarus Witch - Capture The Magic (8/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: US-Metal
Label: Remedy Records
Playing time: 40:17
Band homepage: Icarus Witch


  1. Storming The Castle
  2. Capture The Magic
  3. Soothsayer
  4. Forevermore
  5. The Ghost Of Xavior Holmes >mp3
  6. Darklands
  7. Nemeton Forest
  8. Awaken The Mountain Giants
  9. S.A.T.O. (Ozzy Cover)

Bonus CD

  1. Roses On White Lace (Alice Cooper Cover)
  2. Curse Of The Ice Maiden
  3. Halcyon
  4. Winds Of Atlantis
  5. Dragon Ryder
  6. Killers (Iron Maiden Cover)
  7. Pictured Life (Scorpions Cover)
  8. Evilution (Running Wild Cover)
  9. Capture The Magic (Video)
Icarus Witch - Capture The Magic

The debut EP “Roses On White Lace” by ICARUS WITCH from Pittsburgh could already spread its scent, as it features really outstanding US-Power Metal. For all fans of SANCTUARY, FIFTH ANGEL or LEATHERWOLF it is grist to their mill. Now the first longplayer lies in front of me and it shows that ICARUS WITCH are also enjoyable over the full length.


But still we’ve got a bunch of awesome compositions in front of us and it’s totally on a constant level and far better than most things, which are labeled as “Metal”. Melodic songs with a highly pitched, awesome vocalist, equally guitars and a feeling, which reminds me to stuff like QUEENSRYCHE/MYSTIC FORCE/CRIMSON GLORY. This stuff has to smash doors of inclined listeners. Just because from my unassuming point of view they can’t reach the godlike creation of those EP, but it’s still on a top-level. This album is existing longer than the own-pressing, but now Remedy Records signed them.


The purchasing tip is rather an absolute must, because this CD will be released as a “double-decker” featuring the legendary EP and covertunes by IRON MAIDEN, RUNNING WILD, SCORPIONS and not to forget: ALICE COOPER & OZZY OSBOURNE. As guest musicians are George LYNCH (DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB) and Frank X Aresti (FATES WARNING) taking part. (Online June 3, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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