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Ewigkeit - Battle Furies (6/10) - Great Britain - 1997

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Eldethorn
Playing time: 39:35
Band homepage: Ewigkeit


  1. Jewel Of My Empire
  2. Wonder Of The Cosmos
  3. Christendom Falls
  4. Dragons Burning
  5. Kingdom In The Clouds (My Astral Journey)
  6. Time Reborn
  7. Gods Of Ages Awakened
  8. O Elbereth
  9. Keshara Arise
  10. As Shadows Dance
Ewigkeit - Battle Furies

EWIGKEIT is the solo project of Englishman James Fogerty, who already had been part of THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL and his debut is called "Battle Furies". There is not much to say about this album. The songs are very simple Black Metal that mostly lives off its atmosphere. Well, Black Metal might not be the right category, letís stick to Battle Metal.


The biggest role in EWIGKEITís sound is the keyboards, which is either extremely simple or builds up almost sacral soundscapes. The drums come from a computer, which is very obvious, you donít even hear a bass (at least not me) and the guitars only rarely set accents. And the vocals are Black Metal standard, but is not the pure screeching, but has lower and darker vocals. The CD lacks variety a lot, even though each song for itself can compete.


If you like a mix of old CREMATORY (Germany) and a very Spartan version of BAL-SAGOTH, then songs such as "Jewel Of My Empire" or "Gods Of Ages Awakened" should be to your liking. Somehow the whole thing has a special flair. (Online June 4, 2006)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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