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Blind Sight - The Tenderstrike Salvation (6/10) - Netherlands - 2006

Genre: Metalcore
Label: GSR Music
Playing time: 40:46
Band homepage: Blind Sight


  1. Intro
  2. Tenderstrike Salvation >mp3
  3. Darkened Days >mp3
  4. Bad Blood!
  5. Sticks And Stones
  6. Interludium
  7. Relentless
  8. My Demise
  9. Betrayed
  10. Disciple Of Despair
  11. Scapegoat Utopia
Blind Sight - The Tenderstrike Salvation

Metalcore again! Bands from this branch really spring up like mushrooms. That boom should be over, though. The good bands have their deals, the bad ones, too. BLIND SIGHT are somewhere intermediate. They have a good grasp of their profession and mix influences by PANTERA, MACHINE HEAD, METALLICA with elements of core. The result is a groovy, dynamic mixture of Metalcore and Thrash Metal, which should be well-known.


I can hardly differentiate all those bands, just because of the roaring. The singer on this album also uses clean vocals like Hetfield, so it is not so monotonous. Though, these Dutchmen are definitely one of the better bands which I have already listened to. The great riffing attacks, the huge rate of metal and the brute drive donít let even me cold. To fans of that genre, I would give the hint to check out this combo.


Those ones who just canít get enough of this almost exhausted style, should not be disappointed with this band. Though, they canít compete yet with CATARACT, TRIVIUM or BULLETS FOR MY VALENTINE. (Online June 4, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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