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Deadsoil - Sacrifice (6/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Lifeforce Records
Playing time: 42:03
Band homepage: Deadsoil


  1. Unspoken >mp3
  2. Cross The Great Divide
  3. The Day I Die
  4. These Stings
  5. Viper
  6. Forget Everything
  7. Echoes
  8. Remembrance
  9. Collapse
  10. Ultimate Domination
  11. True Belief
  12. Sacrificed
Deadsoil - Sacrifice

And again, I’ve got the doubtful honor to review an album with whose genre I can’t really get started with. Please, how am I supposed to be objective when I don’t bother to show any interest in Hardcore and Metalcore? The also existing Thrash Metal-influences doesn’t make it any easier, though. So it’s not an easy task listening to the new DEADSOIL-record “Sacrifice” and stay neutral. But those are the challenges we review-writes have to manage.


Anyway, “Unspoken” is a good opener, just the Hardcore-vocals are a real pain in the ass to my ears. I like the clean vocals in the chorus better. “These Stings” offers those as well, but it’s an average mid-tempo-track after all. The double-bass-equipped “Cross The Great Divide” and “Viper” are actually pretty good and I really like ‘em temporary. “The Day I Die” tries to score some pro-points with a cool riff and in combination with great double-bass it’s a positive effort. In my opinion, "Forget Everything“, "Collapse“ and "Ultimate Domination“ are typical Hardcore-tracks. I don’t find any words to tell you why, but they just got that touch of this scene. “Echoes” is my personal favorite on DEADSOIL's second record. The thrashy number, SEPULTURA-like in the beginning, enthuses with good riffs and a great, melodic as well as clean chorus. But this one isn’t representative for the entire disc! “True Belief” is also very thrashy but it can’t hide it’s Hardcore-roots. A double-edged sword, cause good riffs doesn’t cover up the Core-vocals.


“Sacrifice” isn’t in any way a must-have for guys like myself, even though there are some good things on it. If only the vocals were better... (Online June 5, 2006)

Chris Kraemer

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