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Sinister - Afterburner (8,5/10) - Netherlands - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 45:04
Band homepage: Sinister


  1. The Grey Massacre
  2. Altruistic Suicide
  3. Men Down >mp3
  4. Afterburner
  5. Pressage Of The Mindless
  6. Into Submission
  7. The Riot Crossfire
  8. Flesh Of The Servant
Sinister - Afterburner

There was a hell of a lot going on with the Dutch band SINISTER. Drummer Aad Kloosterwaard was superseding his sweet Rachel on the microphone, bass player Axel Paul was switching to the guitar (like then with HOUWITSER) and with Paul Beltman (drums) and Bas van den Bogaard they were getting fresh blood on board. This comes nearly to a regeneration for the entire band, ‘cause I haven’t heard such a strong album like this one from SINISTER before.


A very awesome way of Death Metal, not to technical but as well not too dull, has been refined with a proper dose of Thrash and that’s the way how SINISTER are sounding nowadays. The total awesome leads and the inhuman power-drumming is completely stunning me. Wow! There are eight songs, which are all about to convince us. Just listen to the opening doublet “The Grey Massacre“ and “Altruistic Suicide“, you can’t even play that better in the entire area of Death Metal. But the inhuman marvellous, slightly interlocked “Pressage Of The Mindless“ is even able to beat those steamrollers! Incredible! For the title “Afterburner” I just can say, that I know him. Especially after the consumption of Chili Con Carne or pungent chilli peppers, this burns twice. Before and afterwards, the so called “Afterburner”. (Online June 7, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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