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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - LUCIFUGUM - The Supreme Art Of Genocide

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Lucifugum - The Supreme Art Of Genocide (7/10) - Ukraïne - 2006

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Propaganda Records
Playing time: 42:54
Band homepage: -


  1. Poperechye Ih Nachala
  2. Linchevanie Zhizni
  3. Triumf Ploti
  4. Maskarad Skorbi
  5. Prelomlenie Sveta
  6. Na Smert
Lucifugum - The Supreme Art Of Genocide

Monotony, crushing monotony. LUCIFUGUM apply pressure to the listener with the familiar subtle entrancing darkness which they have been flirting with for over a decade. The sound is raw, yet punishing and the band is accomplished through atmosphere and provocative style. This is Black Metal for the cold of heart, whose attention does not waver and who seeks something more from a release than simple musical gratification.


The heavy atmosphere weighs like a cloud upon your chest, grinding you into the dirt and smothering you in bile. The mood is held fragilely together by the duo of KHLYST and STABAATH offering a platter of morose melody which is fragmented by mid-paced drumming which digs into your skull and firmly entrenches itself. LUCIFUGUMís sound is founded in that of old, bearing a very static feel in stark contrast to the contemporary depressive scene. We have few tempo changes and the music tends to drag if one loses focus, yet the subtleties occurring beneath the clouded surface are anything but monotonous. The guitars have this very high yet murky tone and inject a sense of lethality into the compositions which is only perpetuated by the eerie vocal delivery.


The vocals are low rasps which fade and trail through the dense compositions projecting this very caustic and restricted feeling. The voice will often trail off and bounce between speakers furthering immersive factor and adding a bit of charm to the release which is void in many contemporary projects. You also must love the delivery of spite through local tongue which bleeds conviction. When the fierce and dynamic vocals combine with the minimalist drumming and subtle mood-altering guitar we have this beast which demands attention.


LUCIFUGUM is a solid project which delivers on its premise. Nothing mind-blowing is occurring here but the projection of darkness via unrelenting atmosphere contends with the accomplished youth of todayís scene. For a band to produce a 10th full-length album which still bears such ferocity and indignation is quite remarkable. Faulted only for the simple fact nothing new is presented here and thus it does not quite prove mandatory, this release certainly warrants purchase if you wish to promote quality. (Online June 12, 2006)

Charles Theel

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