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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - BLUDGEON - World Controlled

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Bludgeon - World Controlled (4/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Magic Circle Music
Playing time: 37:26
Band homepage: Bludgeon


  1. Carnage Begins
  2. Refuse The True
  3. Unholy Murder
  4. Hunt Or Be Hunted
  5. Awakening
  6. Out Of Reach
  7. Infidel
  8. Bitter Emptiness
  9. World Controlled
  10. Consumed
  11. Save Your Servant
Bludgeon - World Controlled

BLUDGEON is just one of those bands which come across as rather stale, trite and altogether boring when put to disc. The project hails from the mighty city of Chicago yet display a Metal-core style which is anything but. I cannot fathom why so many goddamn bands have become obsessed with flogging this dead horse, yet the record only furthers the sense that this sub-genre is incapable of birthing anything besides mediocrity.


The riffing feels restrained and caustic like a child left locked in the basement to eternally waste away. It wants to get out, it needs to get out, but it never fucking does. Fortunately, some sense may be discovered in the fact that the raging bass and heavy production certainly live up to the project’s name. The bass lines birthed by the fingers of Chris Studtmann are the only thing worth listening to on this disc. He’s not even anything worth writing home about, but the sheer fact of the vicious tone and clarity make concentration and distilling an ease. It may seem rather harsh that the guitars, drums and vocals are likened at best to background noise, but it is frankly the truth.


The main problem with the release is nothing sticks. Whether it is truly this style or simply the creativity of these gentlemen is up for debate. After having spun “World Controlled” numerous times, not even a single riff or solo warrants the firing of synapses within my skull. The vocals are the standard hardcore fare and offer nothing new or remarkable. The riffs continually focus on building in a shallow manner and never come through with the promised conclusion. The drumming is competent but completely forgettable.


“World Controlled” is not atrocious, it merely is not good. There is an intense yet subtle feeling these guys are meant to be experienced live and one cannot correctly assuage their potential on disc, which is quite unfortunate. If you are a fan of Metal-core and have exhausted what are considered the talented bands of the genre, perhaps this is for you. For the average Metal-head? Keep your head down and do not make eye contact. (Online June 12, 2006)

Charles Theel

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