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Speed/Kill/Hate - Acts Of Insanity (9/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Escapi Music
Playing time: 36:28
Band homepage: Speed/Kill/Hate


  1. Walls Of Hate
  2. Setting Me Off
  3. Violence Breeds
  4. Slay The Enemy
  5. Won't See Fear
  6. Face The Pain >mp3
  7. R. A. W. (Revelation At War)
  8. Not For Me >mp3
  9. Repent
Speed/Kill/Hate - Acts Of Insanity

All hail this side-project of OVERKILL members Linsk and Tailer!! Now, we all know that even though OVERKILL has faltered a bit ever since the dawn of the 90s they are still one of the best bands around. Compared to SPEED KILL HATE, however, they sound toothless. SPEED KILL HATE is filled to the brim with all that uncontrollable rage and piss ‘n vinegar that’s been missing in OVERKILL for a long time!!


There are traces of groove and some hardcore shouting here and there, but this is an all-out Thrash assault that will maim and kill the unsuspecting! Actually this sounds a lot like the perfect cross between the last two EXODUS albums. They already had me begging for mercy after the first three tracks (especially “Violence Breeds” with its rousing shouted chorus) and the assault doesn’t let up for one millisecond! “Face The Pain” is the most representative track of this band’s vision and it is a brilliant Thrashy number with inhuman drumming and riffs that will decapitate you in no time and then right after you will be buried by “Revelation At War”. In fact, any track on here is a perfect marriage between old school Thrash and modern production values (just like the promo sheet says). A brilliant debut album from a bunch of guys who are seasoned musicians and ready to take on the underground.


This album is just so fucking heavy and a real throwback to 80s Thrash Metal! If this band continues at this rate on future albums people will die…


Some say that this band is therapeutic for the members – to get all the frustration of having to play mediocre recent OVERKILL material out of their systems – and thus a form of anger management. I say nay – this is anger enhancement!! This amplifies all the discontent we all feel, multiplied by a thousand!


Now let’s just hope that “Blitz” Ellsworth is listening… (Online June 14, 2006)

Neil Pretorius

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