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Soto, Jeff Scott - The Essential Ballads (5/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Frontiers Records
Playing time: 70:56
Band homepage: Soto, Jeff Scott


  1. If This Is The End
  2. As I Do 2 U
  3. Holding On
  4. Send Her My Love
  5. Lonely Shade Of Blue
  6. This Aint The Love
  7. Don't Wanna Say Goodbye
  8. 4U
  9. Still Be Loving U
  10. Till The End Of Time
  11. Sacred Eyes
  12. By Your Side
  13. Beginning 2 End
  14. Through It All
  15. Last Mistake
  16. Another Try
Soto, Jeff Scott - The Essential Ballads

Having an entire album made up of ballads is like having a car made from cheese. Cheese is sure nice, if made properly, but it gonna take you anywhere on its own. An entire album of ballads as also as tortured a metaphor as a car made from cheese.


Ahem. Jeff Scott Soto (the man) may be familiar to some of you, as he’s appeared in YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, AXEL RUDI PELL, STEEL DRAGON (the band from the movie “Rock Star”) and KRYST THE CONQUEROR (you know, the band with the MISFITS between their break up and resurrection). He’s released two full-lenghts, two EPs and a live album under his own name and anno 1996 sees him put out a compilation of his greatest ballads from this solo career, plus three new tracks (the last three).


They’re Hard Rock ballads; there’s just not much else to say about them. They sound like Hard Rock ballads and they never at any point try to rise above that. The only reason we don’t hear these on the radio everyday is random chance. None of them stick out from the mass in a good way or in a bad way, so while it’s never truly disappointing, ballad after ballad after ballad for seventy minutes is just more than you can expect people—especially those unfamiliar with the material—to sit through. (Online June 14, 2006)

Keith Stevens

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