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Myndkill - Disenchantment (6,5/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 42:10
Band homepage: Myndkill


  1. Race The Darkness >mp3
  2. Burn Me Eternal
  3. Fear
  4. All My Sins
  5. Near Me >mp3
  6. Soulless
  7. Tears Of Disenchantment
  8. Warclouds >mp3
  9. Ritual Dance
Myndkill - Disenchantment

The band looks and acts Goth, but the website says Melodic and it sounds Power to me. Interesting that theyíre playing this music with that image and Iíd be interested to see what feedback they get with a larger audience. And thatís where I come inótrying to get them the attention to give them the larger audience.


The they in question is MYNDKILL, a young Floridian band that bucks the trend by being from Florida and not being a Death Metal group or ICED EARTH. Actually, they sound like nothing so much as FATIMA HILL (at least ďValhalla,Ē I hear ďAionĒ by more Avantgarde) with a vague NIGHTWISH vibe, which is inevitable when dealing with a female-fronted Power Metal band. Thatís right, Abby VanCamp provides the lead vocals and I have to say that she sound pretty good. A good bit of the time sheís blazing her own trail by going between trained and more emotional styles, but there are definitely instances where she sounds like Tarja Turunen (see: ďAll My SinsĒ), though not to the same degree.


Of course, when dealing with a female-fronted Power Metal band itís important to keep in mind thereís an entire group behind said female and they too must be addressed. Said group of musicians is competent, though they donít often stick out. Thereís a male vocalist, Joey V., on some of the tracks (notably ďBurn Me EternalĒ), but heís so far in the background I can barely hear him. Guitarists Anthony and Joey Tangredi are often game for solos, which is always nice to hear. Itís the production, unfortunately, which really detracts from the album. The guitars suffer, sure, but itís really VanCampís soprano and Joey V.ís performance that come out the worst for wear. I know itís a self production, so Iím eager to hear what will happen if MYNDKILL gets label support.


Oh yeah, itís also a concept album, revolving (if I got it right) around a female sprite/nymph/dryad/fairy or something being corrupted by an evil entity. Nifty, but Iím beginning to get tired of narration not provided by Lord Byron. Anyhow, for now MYNDKILL gets a mild recommendation while recognizing that theyíve got a lot of potential; Iím willing to wait for them to realize it. (Online June 15, 2006)

Keith Stevens

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