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Facial Climax - melanCholeric schizoPhobia (4/10) - Austria - 2006

Genre: Neo Thrash Metal
Label: Burnside Records
Playing time: 30:49
Band homepage: Facial Climax


  1. Rent To Kill
  2. Deviate From Norms
  3. Despising This Flesh Of Mine
  4. Precog Prevision. >mp3
  5. Rot In Pain
  6. Unearthed Bride
  7. Personalitears (Bonus Track)
Facial Climax - melanCholeric schizoPhobia

Ok, so it’s only a second demo release for this band, so I’m expecting no masterpiece, but even considering that, I’m not that impressed. The production for “melanCholeric schizoPhobia” is very good, especially taking into account that FACIAL CLIMAX recorded it in their rehearsal studio; but the Modern Thrash these Austrians claim to play does very much seem to be almost a straight rip-off of the Nu-Metal years of MACHINE HEAD and MESHUGGAH (albeit an extremely simplified one – few challenging layered riffs and time signatures here I’m afraid).


Indeed, the tempo of the entire demo really starts to grate on the ear drums only after the second song and towards the end of the album, I find can even pick out every other riff and state which MESHUGGAH song it has been ripped from. For example the bonus track “Personalitears” seems to be simply a cobble-together of “Terminal Illusions” and “Corridor of Chameleons”. But the crowning turd in the water pipe has to be “Despising This Flesh Of Mine”, which highlights the Nu-Metal/Metal-Core influence, exhibiting absolutely no Thrash elements whatsoever, but instead a string of boring riffs stop-start chugging riffs and almost rapped vocals more akin to SLIPKNOT or BIOHAZARD and I find myself shuddering whenever I hear the first angst ridden verse.


There are a few good moments, however – some of the riffs are catchy and the musicianship cannot be faulted, although the vocals are really quite atrocious in places. “Precog Prevision.” even begins with a blast beat too, a refreshing touch if only for the first ten seconds of the song. So the main problem we have here is originality, but then again FACIAL CLIMAX haven’t actually released a full album yet, so I suppose they may yet show some promise, if they started searching for their own distinctive sound... and change their name so it doesn’t sound like the title of a cheap porn movie. (Online June 16, 2006)

Tom Bartlett

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