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Vintersorg - Ödemarkens Son (9/10) - Sweden - 1999

Genre: Folk / Black Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 44:05
Band homepage: Vintersorg


  1. När Alver Sina Runor Sjungit
  2. Svältvinter
  3. Under Norrskenets Fallande Ljusspel
  4. Månskensmän
  5. Ödemarkens Son
  6. Trollbunden
  7. Offerbäcken
  8. I Den Trolska Dalens Hjärta
  9. På Landet
Vintersorg - Ödemarkens Son

Intensive. This is the word you could put the second album of the OTYG-member and now soloist VINTERSORG into.

The songs on "Ödemarkens Son" are familiar, but in the same moment new, are standing in one line with "Hedniskhjärtad" and "Till Fjälls", but again different. Mystic, Nordic folklore meets blackish Metal, is transcended by absolutely unique clear vocals from the wideness of the Swedish forests, but spans into the present with intelligently implemented riffs, which are taken from traditional Metal.

"När Alver Sina Runor Sjungit", "Ödemarkens Son", "På Landet", "Svältvinter", they all impress with the amalgamation of these ingredients, which conjure up a very intensive atmosphere, when moulded together.

"Walk the Pagan way to the son of Ödemark, who will fill your heathen heart with joy unheard of..."

Alexander Melzer

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