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Iratus Dominus - Dispatch The Incarnation Of God (7,5/10) - Belarus - 2005

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Flaming Arts, The
Playing time: 35:26
Band homepage: Iratus Dominus


  1. In The Name Of The Reversed Cross
  2. The Chris.T. Slave
  3. Iratus Dominus Destroyer
  4. Coronantion Of The Selfgod
  5. Desecrated River Of Life
  6. In Search Of Ego
Iratus Dominus - Dispatch The Incarnation Of God

This Black Metal troopers are hailing from Belarus, strictly speaking from Minsk. They’re flogging drivelled and rough throughout the seven pitch-black old-school songs. Especially some old IMMORTAL and DARKTHRONE are often sounding through. Here and there IRATUS DOMINUS are more technical, what degenerates into slightly chaotic breaks.


But this although creates the charm of this amusing CD. Far from every technical perfection they deliver us an atmospheric tight and fierce piece of Black Metal. Who can dig slightly primitive acts like the aforementioned GRAVEN, KHOLD or more recent SATYRICON, couldn’t make much wrong with this disc. (Online June 20, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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