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Aurora Borealis - Relinquish (4/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Nightsky Productions
Playing time: 36:32
Band homepage: Aurora Borealis


  1. Myths Of The Light
  2. Let The Games Begin
  3. Ravaged By Fire
  4. God Wills It
  5. The Red Flag
  6. River Through The Skies
  7. Tonight We Feast
  8. Black Snow
Aurora Borealis - Relinquish

If you ever seen an aurora borealis you can testify that it is a spectacular sight. I had the pleasure of seeing several of them when I visited Svalbard a couple of years ago. Spectacular is the word. In the old days they thought it was the spirit of fallen warriors that lighted up the night sky. Now we know that the sun is the one responsible for this phenomenon, though I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find a local acid head that believes otherwise. There still are people on this earth that claim that the earth is flat. What a bunch of retards. By now you might start wondering if I’m writing an article for National Geographic or something. Obviously I’m not, but I had to cram something positive into this review before the bashing takes over. Here we go.


Congratulations to AURORA BOREALIS for creating one of the most uninteresting releases I’ve heard in years. If stale music was a doctor degree then these guys would be professors. They seem to be very proud of the fact that “Relinquish” is a fast record but somewhere along the way they forgot to make any good songs. I have some problems with the production as well, as I find it to be way too dominated by the drums. The drummer is obviously a talented individual but he can’t save this album alone. If you are looking for speedy Black Metal it would be wiser to give 1349 a listen. Or why don’t give “Panzer Division Marduk” a chance.


All the songs clocks in around the 4 minute mark and that’s not the only thing they share. Apart from a few interesting twists now and then it ultimately sounds like the same song played over and over again. As you can read from the score I don’t think AURORA BOREALIS is playing terrible music as in ARSENIC terrible, but it’s terribly boring that’s for sure. After a couple of songs the vocalist gets on my nerves as well. He sounds exactly same throughout the whole record, something I only tolerate if the vocals are really good. The ones used on “Relinquish” are mediocre at best and completely lacks the bile and passion that for example Ravn in 1349 possesses.


I’m unable to find any favourite songs on “Relinquish”, likewise I’m unable to find anyone that I really despise. There is not one riff here that grabs me by the throat and forces me to bang my head, nor do any of them bring a smile to my face. Actually it’s quite hard to write a review when the music stirs up no emotions other than boredom, assuming that’s an emotion.


There are too many quality Metal ensembles in this world for me to recommend “Relinquish” to any other than friends of the band. (Online June 23, 2006)

Arve Henriksen

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