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Valley's Eve - Deception Of Pain (8/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: LMP
Playing time: 66:50
Band homepage: Valley's Eve


  1. The Fire Burns
  2. Point Of No Return
  3. The Sun
  4. In Your Head
  5. Mirror In Your Eyes
  6. Kingdom Of Pain
  7. Dark Room
  8. Creating Gods
  9. Falling
  10. Open The Gates
  11. Dark Shadows On The Wall
  12. Unholy Power
  13. Shadows Of Misery (bonus track)
Valley's Eve - Deception Of Pain
Here's another Power Metal-band in the world of Metal. What I think is refreshing about this band though is that they put forth more time and effort into writing good compositions musically and steer away from writing songs about silly fantasy dragon slayings and such.

Fronted by Roberto who has a strong and powerful voice that can't be compared is very passionate when he delivers the goods. "The Fire Burns" is a track that packs quite a punch with its driving guitar riffs and glorious drumming. I think what makes this album important is the fact that this is a concept-album dealing with failed suicide attempts. You don't hear too many Power Metal-bands dealing with such heavy topics. What is nice, too, is that the music is still melodic and heavy without being too wimpy while dealing with the topic.

"Point Of No Return" shows the true Power Metal-side of the band as they double-bass-drum through the track which is nice, because it's not boring and there are some keyboards that lace the song and CD, but they are not in much at all. It's just enough to add a little more flavour to music which gives it a new spectrum. "Mirror In Your Eyes" is a great power ballad and really stands out with Roberto's sincere vocals and the catchy hooks that reel you in from the opening note.

This is an album that delivers the goods from beginning to end.

Joe Florez

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