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36 Crazyfists - Bitterness The Star (8/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Nu-Metal
Label: Roadrunner Records
Playing time: 46:49
Band homepage: 36 Crazyfists


  1. Turns To Ashes
  2. One More Word
  3. An Agreement Called Forever
  4. Eightminutesupsidedown
  5. Slit Wrist Theory
  6. Bury Me Where I Fall
  7. Dislocate
  8. Two Months From A Year
  9. Chalk White
  10. All I Am
  11. Ceramic
  12. Circle Of Drain
  13. Left Hand Charity
36 Crazyfists - Bitterness The Star
36 CRAZYFISTS who come from Anchorage, Alaska and have moved to Portland in the meanwhile, say about their own sound that it's best described by "emotional highs and abrasive lows". Some bad folks might claim that it's just another Nu Metal band that uses the success-guaranteeing loud/quiet concept for the one hundredth time and only gave an own name to the music.

Well, the way the 36 CRAZYFISTS do their songs is not really new but you can't deny the quality and class of "Bitterness The Star", though. After the quartet had already recorded three EP's and a complete CD called "In The Skin" (1997) as a self-production you finally can be happy about the deal with Roadrunner.

The result is worth listening because although "Bitterness The Star" is not full of revolutionary new stuff there are songs you never get rid of again. What is also conspicuous is that they do without a DJ and keyboardist that have almost become a must in this genre and so the 12 songs sound very original and powerful. So you can call it Metal without hesitation and the changes from calm, relaxed and emotional parts and passages that are both heavy and crazy have been worked out with much variety and set very well.

The absolute highlights are the opener "Turn To Ashes", "Eightminuteupsidedown", "Slit Wrist Theory" and "Discolate", but the other tracks can also impress you because of the powerful performance and varying emotions. Besides the impeccable playing of the instruments the singer Brock Lindow attracts your attention in a positive way and occasionally makes you think of GLASSJAW's Daryl Palumbo.

The 36 CRAZYFISTS could not create a new definition of Nu Metal with their second complete album but without any doubt it has become something solid that doesn't lack variety.

Alexander Ehringer

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