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Empyrean - Shadows Of A Dream (8,5/10) - United Arab Emirates - 2005

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 21:58
Band e-mail: Empyrean


  1. Intro
  2. Mosaic Of Destruction
  3. Shadows Of A Dream
  4. Silent Dimension
Empyrean - Shadows Of A Dream

My first contact with Metal from the United Arab Emirates, NERVECELL, had been a positive one, so I definitely have given a chance to this next band that was ready to storm my ears. EMPYREAN is the name of the band, and the line-up reveals an international combo, Luca Zorzino (g/voc), Amrit Pandrangi (g), Andre VanHelsdingen (b) and Natasha Moukhi (keys).


I did not really have high hopes concerning this EP, “Shadows Of A Dream”, but I am really glad that I have lent it an ear, because the quartet proves potential and I hope that it reaches beyond these four tracks. Roughly estimated, one could describe the music of EMPYREAN as Progressive Metal with some growls here and there, but to settle for this would be almost a crime, because the guys (and girl) definitely offer more than that.


For some unknown reason the opener is titled “Intro”, but is actually the song “Mosaic Of Destruction”, so I am not really sure if the track list on my promo is correct… Whatever, this track begins with absolutely cool super-melodic guitars to mid-tempo double-bass, then after a calmer break comes a part with clear voice followed by raging mid-tempo with Death Metal vocals, only to be conquered by the cool guitar work from the beginning, a really great song!!


And this goes on through the title track as well, which starts calm and with clear voice before the double-bass and Death Metal vocals are unhinged and then joined by those cool guitar leads, which make this strong and diverse song even better! The last track “Silent Dimension” (followed only by an outro) is an instrumental one, and in the beginning not really harmonic, but then brings the already mentioned interplay (but this time without vocals).


I have to admit that this EP leaves me hungry for more, and I hope that you will give EMPYREAN the well deserved chance, you should not be disappointed, and I hope for a new release in the near future. (Online June 29, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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