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Nebula - Apollo (6,5/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Stoner Rock
Label: Liquor And Poker Music
Playing time: 38:07
Band homepage: Nebula


  1. Orbit
  2. Loose Cannon
  3. Fever Frey
  4. Lightbringer >mp3
  5. Future Days
  6. Ghost Rider
  7. The Alchemist
  8. Trapezium Procession
  9. Controlled
  10. The Eagle Has Landed
  11. Fruit Of My Soul
  12. Decadent Garden
  13. Wired
  14. Opiate Float
Nebula - Apollo

I must admit that I am out of the look with Stoner/Desert Rock. I haven't heard this band in a long time, but then again I don't follow this scene anymore. Well, the new disc is here so I might as well consume it. These former FU MANCHUers haven't lost a damn step as they continue to write spaced out jams that get down. "Loose Cannon" not only provides your ears with a spaced out vibe, but the guitars have a memorable riff that is simple, yet constant and free flowing while the drums are beaten to the ground.


Add the distortion to the six stringers as "Fever Frey" sounds very garage like. This track sounds way more under produced than the rest of the record. However, there is a wallop of solo thrown in here that makes you forget about the production here. Just like on all of their previous albums and in this genre, you get nothing but action packed jams loaded with a dirty 70's feeling. The Hammond organ is on board for that extra fucked up feeling. This is all killer and no filler. The songs are short and right to the point. There is no slowing down on here. No sludge music to bog you down and make you doze off. If you like it raw, then this is it for you. So, kick back and fire one up. (Online June 29, 2006)

Joe Florez

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