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Backyard Babies - Liv Laiv In Paris (7,5/10) - Sweden - 2006

Genre: Rock
Label: Liquor And Poker Music
Playing time: 56:18
Band homepage: Backyard Babies


  1. L'Intro
  2. Look At You
  3. Earn The Crown
  4. Payback
  5. Heaven 2.9
  6. Powderhead
  7. A Song For The Outcast
  8. The Clash
  9. One Sound
  10. Made Me Madman
  11. U.F.O. Romeo
  12. Year By Year
  13. Highlights
  14. Star War
  15. Brand New Hate
  16. Minus Celsius
Backyard Babies - Liv Laiv In Paris

I never really knew just how far back this band goes. It's apparent that Dregen who formed this group did it back in 1987 and this was even way before THE HELLACOPTERS. Well, it's been basically twenty years since their existence and now they celebrate big time with a live record. This album is nothing short of raw, powerful, glammy and dirty. Obviously, the guys take a little from each album for the ultimate BB experience. "Look At You" is loaded with pop hooks and gritty guitars as opposed to "Earn The Crown" has more of a COPTERS feel sound wise and all. It's loud and obnoxious, but wouldn't want it any other way.


"Payback" is packed with energy and even manages to incorporate just a tinge of Rockabilly to the mix. This is a cult band that always seems to deliver upon each release. What I love about these guys is that you always know what you are going to get. If you like to Rawk with dirty guitars, then this is what you need to pop in when you have a party and plan on getting drunk. This is another sure fire hit. (Online June 30, 2006)

Joe Florez

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