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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - UNDER SIEGE - Days Of Dying Monuments

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Under Siege - Days Of Dying Monuments (8,5/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Let It Burn Records
Playing time: 38:43
Band homepage: Under Siege


  1. Dawn Of Ages
  2. Nightmare Engineer
  3. Days Of Dying Monuments
  4. The Great Depression >mp3
  5. Rest In Ruins
  6. Bloodred Ink, Crimson Paper
  7. To An End
  8. At The End Of All Days
  9. Hate Crime
  10. Suffocate The Weak
  11. Skit
  12. In The Shelves
Under Siege - Days Of Dying Monuments

The German Metalcore scene is with bands like MAROON, CALIBAN, DESTINY, FEAR MY THOUGHTS, HEAVEN SHALL BURN and several other bands very good equipped and the increase of new bands is unbroken. The question, if the genre is digging its own grave because of the mass of bands, can be answered without hesitation with NO! UNDER SIEGE are the best evidence, as the second album “Days Of Dying Monuments“ has the skill to take the entire scene tempestously. Beyond it you might perceive to the quintet, that they haven’t been doing their foul work since yesterday, but they were spooking around in the scene for many years.


The debut “After The Flood“ (Let It Burn Records, 2003) couldn’t get me off the stool, but it could have been confirmed, that they really own a lot of potential. Well, the corners and edges of the premier work had been abolished on their successor and beyond that, the band decided to take more care about their Hardcore roots. Indeed, the Metal influences are clearly visible, but they aren’t showcasing them as demonstrative as some other representatives of the genre did, to aim an authorization for the Metal scene. UNDER SIEGE have it anyhow and the circumstance, that the aforementioned Metal influences were packed in sophisticatedly, makes the Germans also interesting for Metalheads as well. Really new on “Days Of Dying Monuments“ are merely the first seven songs, as the remaining five songs has been released on the meanwhile sold-out Split-album “Ten Angry Men“, which they shared with A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS. But who cares, because so all of those fans are getting to enjoy these tracks, who couldn’t buy the aforementioned split CD.


From the newer songs especially songs like “Nightmare Engineer“, the title-track and „ Bloodred Ink, Crimson Paper“ are pretty brutal and technical superior smashers, which are putting themselves quickly into the auditory center and they have a hell of a lot of pepper in their butts, to lay all livingrooms in the entire world in ruins. Instead of dull breakdowns and moshparts, which you heard a thousand times before, UNDER SIEGE are relying increasingly on wonderful melodies, which are fitting perfectly into the music. The degree of hardness stays constantly on a very high level, so that the Hardcore crowd will have its fun with this disc. The recordings to “Days Of Dying Monuments“ have been done in the already well-known Kohlekeller Studios (CREMATORY, SIX REASONS TO KILL, A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS, etc.). This decision was good for the debut and it also gives a lot of pressure to the newer tracks. For all those, who are searching again for a completely awesome German Metalcore band, they should grab it without hesitation and they should be spellbounded by “Days Of Dying Monuments“.(Online July 1, 2006)

Alexander Ehringer

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