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Odyssey - s/t (9/10) - South Africa - 1991

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Inhouse Records
Playing time: 34:39
Band homepage: -


  1. Possessed
  2. The Worldless One Pt. I
  3. Toothpick Licker
  4. Bad Boys
  5. Macbeth
  6. Intro/Ozone
  7. The Worldless One Pt. II
  8. I Ain’t Got No Money
  9. Sacrifice
  10. Addison Opus # 1 (For 2 Guitars In A Minor)
Odyssey - s/t

Sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest places. This certainly holds true for the band known as ODYSSEY, one of the few Metal bands that were doing the rounds in the South African scene during the late 80s and early 90s. If you have an affinity for well played, catchy Heavy Metal with hints of Power Metal (80s style, think ANVIL or a slower FATES WARNING) and a bit of Glam, then this band will blow your ears!


I only got this from a friend the other day but it’s been in my player non-stop ever since. Sadly this was the bands only release before disappearing forever, but it is for sure an underground classic! “Possessed” rocks so hard that it should be criminalized (hah!), while the up-tempo “Bad Boys” will send your body flailing in every which way. The best track on here is undoubtedly the brilliant Power Metal flavored “Macbeth” with its speedy riff sections, catchy melodies and great vocals! Man, this is just such a throwback to the reckless days of 80s Metal! “The Worldless One Pt. II” is an instrumental featuring lengthy riff passages with an epic feeling that never gets boring. “I Ain’t Got No Money” is a more Glam/Rock type song with a good chorus but it is nothing too special. The last song is “Sacrifice”, another speedy song with KING DIAMOND-like lyrics and this one will get you headbanging in no time! The closing instrumental, “Addison Opus”, is basically a one minute acoustic ditty that caps off a brilliant album.


I’m sure most people have never heard of this long lost band from South Africa (of all places!), but this one deserves to be heard! Imagine mid 80s era DOKKEN, QUIET RIOT, ANVIL and good ol’ VAN HALEN, mixed with a little RAVEN and you have ODYSSEY!


Two horns up! (Online July 3, 2006)

Neil Pretorius

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