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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - DERANGED - Obscenities In B Flat

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Deranged - Obscenities In B Flat (7,5/10) - Sweden - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Listenable Records
Playing time: 32:59
Band homepage: Deranged


  1. Long Live The New Flesh
  2. I Torture, Rape, Cum And Kill
  3. Crawl With Me Through The Filth
  4. Coven Of Death
  5. Deflower The Dead
  6. Bodyfluids From Unknown Source
  7. Alive Swarming With Flies
  8. Pray On The Weak
  9. Dead In A Ditch
Deranged - Obscenities In B Flat

Neanderthal Death Metal could be the perfect description of DERANGED’s music. I know that some would argue that all Death Metal has a slice of Neanderthal baked into its mix but few can match the amount found in the sick Death Metal played by DERANGED. Listening to one of their records brings images of bursting heads, burning villages, rotten corpses, pillage and straight forward looting into your head. Or should I contact a psychiatrist? Mentally ill or not, I’m that sure I’ll be able to describe this album pretty well nonetheless.


DERANGED is a veteran act with 15 years on their back and it’s not hard to hear. I’ve encountered quite some acts over the years that still sound like they got their instruments only months ago when they in fact have been using them for years already. I’m not saying DERANGED plays the most technical Death Metal on the market but you have to known your instrument pretty well to get around the songs on “Obscenities In B Flat”. You would also need a fairly high stamina to be able to perform any of them live. Experiencing DERANGED live is one of the things to do before I rot into becoming fertilizer. Or maybe burning is better.


The formula used on “Obscenities In B Flat” is pretty much the same as they used on their last record, “Plainfield Cemetery”. It’s all sails ahead flat out Death Metal with tons of blast beats, breakdowns and wicked guitar solos. Not to forget the ultra guttural death grunts roaring lyrics like I torture, rape, cum and kill. I and DERANGED can attend group therapy together I guess. Since last time they might sound a bit more like KILLAMAN but that band always had much DERANGED in their music anyway. After all the two bands share members. I don’t know how many but the link between the two is so obvious that you’d have to be stone deaf not to hear it.


I need to highlight the song “Bodyfluids From Unknown Source” as this is DERANGED death metal perfected. Call me retarded but I even like the lyrics, at least on this song. In fact I like most of them. Schizophrenic behaviour aside, this song is a grenade of Death Metal. The riffs in this song are absolutely fabulous, not to mention the great drumming. I would like to talk a bit about the drums as well. Rikard Wérmen has a special way of playing the blast beat; one thing is that he is trigger free, another is the way he plays the blast beats. I would go as far an say that he has his own signature on the drums, they are always pushing it, waiting for a chance to go into a hefty blast beat. The drumming in itself is basic stuff, nothing like Flo Mounier or Pete Sandoval performs. Intricate, no. Played with lots and lots of determination, yes. Truth be said, they could’ve been a bit more powerful. I think the drums sounded better on “Plainfield Cemetary” than on this one. The one responsible for producing it should have turned the drum volume up a couple of notches.


“Bodyfluids From Unknown Source” is my favourite song but that doesn’t mean that there’s any songs I want to skip when listening through the album. Certain parts can become a bit tedious but never for a whole song; there’s always a good riff ahead of you. (Online July 4, 2006)

Arve Henriksen

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