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Red Aim - Flesh For Fantasy (5/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Stoner Rock
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 50:01
Band homepage: -


  1. The Golden Nonstop
  2. El Gonzo Mondial
  3. My Lovely Mr. Singingclub
  4. Highway Crucifix
  5. Aroma
  6. Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha
  7. Snokeshooter
  8. Tombola
  9. Kneel Down And Blow For Forgiveness
  10. Rock You Like A Hurricane
  11. Aprilfuckers
Red Aim - Flesh For Fantasy
A pretty stupid cover belongs to the second disc of the German Stoner Rockers RED AIM and somehow their singer Karsten looks similar to a clone of Elvis, Stefan Raab and Lemmy, carrying the coolness of Dave Wyndorf. Unfortunately there's a difference: His band and himself will certainly not become "immortal" like Elvis, be far away from entertaining people as much as Jim Carey and the status of cult of MOTÖRHEAD will also never be reached.

So why this boastful appearance when the level of entertainment of the music on "Flesh For Fantasy" is that low and lame. With copied KYUSS- and MONSTER MAGNET-riffs you can't attract anyone anymore these days and the extremely false-seeming rate of fun on "Flesh For Fantasy" ist quite undecided and tiring. Maybe the players and fools of RED AIM should have chosen another profession and given the pleasure of their music to the music business only after long and deep contemplation.

Actually you really can't deny that they have musical abilities and also the production of the new CD sound quite good. But when being independent is almost completely forgotten they don't have to expect they can win a lot. Plus, you should actually feel sorry for someone who tries to sing like Joshua Homme and Nick Oliveri of the QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE and hopelessly fails this. The gacking, howling and chirping on "The Golden Nonstop", "My Lovely Mr. Singingclub", "Highway Crucifix" or "Aroma" is exaggerated, ridiculous and, in big amounts, nerve-shattering.

As if this wasn't bad enough, they present you a SCORPIONS-cover version of "Rock You Like A Hurricane", but it fits the whole and the own compositions surprisingly good .

Alexander Ehringer

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