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Forsaken - Evermore (10/10) - Malta - 1996/2005

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Golden Lake Productions
Playing time: 75:05
Band homepage: Forsaken


  1. The Healer
  2. Rubicon
  3. Moon Dancer
  4. Season’s End
  5. Vertigo
  6. Winter Tears
  7. Sufferance
  8. Madrigal
  9. Slip Stream
  10. Neon Knights
Forsaken - Evermore

In 1996 the debut album of Maltese Doom band FORSAKEN had been released for the first time, nine years later we get the re-release of “Evermore“. And who needs this re-issue? Well, all of you! At least those, who like Ozzy Osbourne’s solo career up to “Bark At The Moon", because Doom Metal this is not.


Power Metal (and with that I do not mean any symphonic melodic stuff) rather hits the nail right on the head. There would be the straight forwardly driving Rocker "The Healer", which Ozzy would not have to look ashamed for, while “Rubicon” sets out a bit slower before the axe circulates once more. Tony Iommi would love this! Following “Moon Dancer” goes into the opposite direction, furious beginning, but then getting slower and heavier until at the end the Doom parts have almost completely taken over.


"Season’s End" is very dark and can’t hide a bit list towards TROUBLE and CANDLEMASS, before "Vertigo" should appeal to all fans of more rocking CATHEDRAL up to DEATH SS, the calm ending is just brilliant. “Winter Tears” then features the epic sounds, the guitar melodies and the melancholic vocals are just great, just like the unique atmosphere. “Sufferance” sounds quite a bit harsher and more brutal before “Madrigal” unpacks the more relaxed and emotional side, a rather viscous but nevertheless wild middle part prevents you from falling asleep, though, and the guitar solos are top notch.


"Slip Stream" rocks once more, before the closing BLACK SABBATH cover version "Neon Knights" brings the album to a worthy close. Every true Metal fan should know this! (Online July 6, 2006)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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