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Illdisposed - Death is back (Bo Summer) - Online Jul 2006

Writing here at “The Metal Observer” just keeps getting better. Getting a positive response from ILLDISPOSED when I asked about an interview is without doubt one of my highlights so far here at TMO. I hope you'll enjoy the interview, if not put on an ILLDISPOSED album. “Submit“ is my recommendation.


I thinks it's appropriate to congratulate you and the band with "1-800 Vindication", it's ILLDISPOSED back in form if you ask me (something you didn't). In my opinion "Kokainium" wasn't ILLDISPOSED at its best. How was it that Roadrunner Records got interested in you and have you noticed any increase in the sale due to this signing?

We made 2 demo recordings with some of the new songs after the “Kokaiinum“ album. We knew that we had to get away from our former label to get back on track again, so we started searching for a new label. After negotiations with several labels from around the world we were contacted by a talent scout from Roadrunner and suddenly things started to look brighter for us. And yes, of course our sales increased, Roadrunner has got a very good distribution.


From what I've read so far, it seems like the critics likes your new offering. Have you been checking out the response yourself, or are you indifferent when it comes to what "we" have to say?

We have got tons of good response and that’s nice of course. If the response was bad we would probably say “fuck you, we don’t care about critics”, but of course it means something. But the record sales and the crowd that shows up to our concerts are the things that count of course.


There's 3 years between "Kokainium" and "1-800 Vindication", was the band active during this period, touring, rehearsing etc.

The first year we nearly split up. But fortunately we had some line-up changes and started to like playing together again. We have never been a very “active” band; we are more into parties than rehearsal. But after signing the new record deal we’ve probably become a bit more active than before.


Before the interview I checked out your homepage to not fuck up all the facts and during my visit I noticed that former guitarist Bak was rechristened to Poo, his face also got a remake to say it mildly. While using my brainpower I quickly assumed that he's no longer part of the band (I'm going for Nobel's next year). Are there any ready to replace him, or will you continue with one guitarist?

Lasse got kicked out shortly after our European tour. We had many reasons to fire him. The main reason was the fact that he became more and more weird. Mr. Poo has now replaced Lasse and we have no intentions in replacing Mr. Poo since he reminds us of Lasse. You know, he only appears when there’s food enough… Otherwise he’s sleeping.


At the moment I'm trying to become a competent Death Metal vocalist and on my way it would be good with some advices. As I see it you have one of the most distinctive, distinctive as in good, vocals of all those who's trying to do the growl. Do you have any tips on how to become a powerful growler, or is it just a matter of talent and fury?

Of course your voice has a little bit to say. I care for my voice with vodka and cigarettes, that’s my secret.


For those unaware of the fact, Bo Summer also did the vocals on two PANZERCHRIST albums, namely "Soul Collector" and "Roomservice". If you like Death Metal, be sure to take a listen. I wrote did because I wonder if you'll still be working together with PANZERCHRIST, or does ILLDISPOSED take all your time now when you are signed to a bigger label?

I record a new album with PANZERCHRIST within the next months. But honestly, I’ve never spent more than 7 hours on a PANZER album. I write the lyrics in a few hours and record it in the studio in 3 hours. Actually I’ve never met 2 of the band members.


As I see it Denmark has a very good Death Metal Scene. Do you still listen to Death Metal and/or other Metal of the more extreme kind? If so could you mention any bands worth a listen?

I’ve never really been listening to Death Metal except for a few different bands 10 years ago. It has always been Thrash Metal, but that was also in the past. I don’t really listen to anything except for some electronic music like DEPECHE MODE.


On your cover album "Retro", you do a DARKTHRONE cover. This leads to one of my standard questions, do you listen to any Norwegian music nowadays?

Nope, not at all


Many years ago I watched a documentary called "Headbang I Hovedlandet", which focused on ILLDISPOSED, INFERNAL TORMENT and NIDHOGG. I remember something about the guys in ILLDISPOSED forming a mock Black Metal band. Did you receive any death threats from pissed Satanists after that stunt?

No, not at all. It was Lasse who did the album called “Goat“. I think it sold 300 copies, so nobody knows it anyway.


After 12 years, how do you rate your debut "Four Depressive Seasons"?

It’s a classic in Danish Metal history and it’s still a solid album.


The best record ever played through mud, "Submit", came out two years after your debut. Do you agree with me that this record saw ILLDISPOSED define the style they created with "Four Depressive Seasons" and do you still like it today?

I agree that “Submit“ defined the sound of ILLDISPOSED. We still use the same groovy riffs and rhythms; we just keep on evolving it of course. “Submit” definitely is one of our milestones.


"There's Something Rotten..." is a great album and I've read that it sold so much that someone refused to believe the sales figures. Is this just rumours, or did it sell much for being a record rooted in Death Metal?

It really did sell much. Since the labels that released it went bankrupt we don’t know the exact sales figures, but before year 2000 it was above 20.000 copies. That’s pretty good for a Death Metal record.


ILLDISPOSED are one of those bands who know how to do a proper cover song, a listen to "Retro" are all the evidence needed. I wondered if you ever play cover songs live, or just to warm up the rehearsal room.

We played a few of those cover songs live in the beginning, but now we only play our own songs live. I mean, we have released so many albums, why should we play cover songs then?


While we are talking live, I've heard that ILLDISPOSED are a formidable live act. Have you witnessed many bands unable to perform their song live? And if so, have you ever wanted to steal their instruments?

Definitely yeah, I’ve seen a lot of bands who think they’re the best - but they look and play like crap. But then again, if I can’t stand it, I can just walk away. When we play live I always sit backstage drinking vodka - I don’t need to watch all that music.


I read that when ILLDISPOSED was to choose a new guitarist, the better fighter of them won. Which kind of fight did they perform, pure street fighting, or martial arts?

They didn’t fight each other - it was just based on what we knew about them. We were hanging out with Batten before he joined the band and we knew that he didn’t run away if there was a fight going on.


I guess it's time to wrap up this interview. I'm a reviewer hear at “The Metal Observer” and I would like you turn the tables for a while and give you the chance to rate my interview. A score out of 10 would be preferred. Feel free to express some final words to the readers if you have something of that sort.

All right, then I’ll give you 10. (Because then you have to rate our next album 10, right?)


1992: The Winter of Our Discontempt (Demo)

1993: Soulstorm Promo (Demo)

1993: Four Depressive Seasons (CD, Progress Red Labels)

1994: Return From Tomorrow (EP, Progress Red Labels)

1995: Helvede (Best of/Compilation, Diehard Music)

1995: Submit (CD, Progress)

1997: There's Something Rotten In The State Of Denmark (CD, Serious Entertainment)

2000: Retro (CD, Diehard Music)

2001: Checkpoint #3 (Split, Diehard Music)

2001: Kokaiinum (CD, Diehard Music)

2003: Promo (Demo)

2004: 1-800 Vindication (CD, Roadrunner)

2005: We Suck, Live Aarhus 2004 (DVD)

2005: Still Sane (Single, Roadrunner)

2006: Burn Me Wicked (CD, Roadrunner)

Arve Henriksen

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