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Bywar - Heretic Signs (8,5/10) - Brazil - 2005

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Kill Again Records
Playing time: 39:36
Band homepage: -


  1. Into The Curse
  2. Heretic Signs
  3. The Twin Of Icon
  4. Subconscious Death
  5. Frozen Deadly War
  6. The Last Life
  7. Inquisition
  8. The Hole Grail
  9. Cerebral Death...Almost Decreted
  10. Void (Another Dimension)
  11. At Trance With Metal
Bywar - Heretic Signs

Brazilian Thrash horde BYWAR finally is back with a new album. Originally "Heretic Signs" was due to be released in 2003, but problems with the label took care of that. Well, anno 2005 and with a new label they are moving forwards again. What has changed compared to the predecessor "Invincible War"? Not much, I would say! The music still shows a huge DESTRUCTION influence and singer Adriano also still sounds like a reincarnation of the young Schmier.


But just like DESTRUCTION went through an evolution from "Infernal Overkill" to "Eternal Devastation", BYWAR changed as well. The new songs are a bit more technical and break-y, but without losing the wild and raw charm of the debut. Yes, the Brazilians bear a lot more of the spirit if 80s Thrash Metal than most of their European colleagues. The old Thrashers now know what to do and the young speedies should listen to the originals first to understand what is coming their way.


Production-wise we also stand in the middle of the 80s and with songs such as the strongly WHIPLASH *”Power And Pain” orientated "Inquisition" or “The Hole Grail” with its great guitar melody at beginning and end, any old school Rattlehead couldn’t make a mistake. The last song "At Trance With Metal" even features a guest solo by Frank Blackfire (ex SODOM, ex KREATOR). Give the band a chance and order the CD at, if you still hold high the flag of old Euro Thrash!!! (Online July 7, 2006)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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