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Lanfear - Towers (8/10) - Germany - 1996

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 58:41
Band homepage: Lanfear


  1. Hate-Full-Pride
  2. Precious Time
  3. Ancient Skies
  4. She’s Never Left The Day
  5. Vale Auditu
  6. Time’s Dark Laughter >mp3
  7. Galtron’s Tale
  8. Unseen
  9. The Towers Of February
    I. Shore Leaves
    II. Axiom/moixA
    III. Inter Menses Februarium Et. Aprilem
    IV. Soliloquy
Lanfear - Towers

On the fourth Keep It True festival a musician of LANFEAR crossed the path of my colleague Ralf and myself, so we assaulted him with all kinds of questions right away. And he remembered the two idiots from “The Metal Observer“ right away, which was pretty surprising. When asking him, if there was a possibility of re-issuing their debut “Towers” in re-mastered form, he just said: “No, that was a sin of our youth, we only were 17-18 years old, yadda, yadda, yadda”.


A pity, because even though it could not compete with the last two LANFEAR releases, the CD still contained several pearls that some old veterans would lick their anus for. At least the absolute ingenious, slow-paced, epic "Precious Time" with its light Irish touch and the incredible melody line that in the chorus is even doubled should not be privy to the old fans only. But also the pretty heavy “Ancient Skies” with the small baroque splinters, which is extremely varied and at the same time highly melodious, just has to be made available to the newer fans.


Sure, several sound fragments were recorded a little awkward and the production also is not up to par, but overall this indie release is more than remarkable for 1996. The CD contains everything that the Hard Rocking, slightly Prog-touched heart needs. And not a single song sounds sappy or mundane, not a single second. Comparisons? I honestly am not sure, other than a very rough mix of more commercial FATES WARNING and old JETHRO TULL. Or maybe not. The sound is pretty original to this band. But at least full of soul and passion. Should anyone find this CD under the title of "Towers Of February" and a label sticker, it is the same album. In any case – get it! (Online July 7, 2006)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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