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Horrific Majesty - In Shadows Eternal (9/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Son Of Man Records
Playing time: 32:47
Band homepage: Horrific Majesty


  1. Lost In Your Emptiness
  2. Death Of Dreams
  3. World Of Waste
  4. Conflagration Of The Wicked
  5. In Shadows Eternal
  6. A Soul Decays In Darkness
Horrific Majesty - In Shadows Eternal

Hot off the presses Son of Man Records (quickly turning into one of my favorite labels) provides me with another outstanding band and album, in the name of HORRIFIC MAJESTY and their (his) newest EP “In Shadows Eternal”. A one man band from Alabama, Lord Horrific has been evolving since his first release and when judging by this EP he’s found his niche, because this is some kick ass stuff!


Slow, somber, atmospheric and heavy as all hell. That’s HORRIFIC MAJESTY’s sound in a nutshell. Featuring BURZUM-esque drones and vocals, some Doom influenced riffs and really great lyrics give a dark look into this man’s great art. Now, yes, like all Son of Man Records this is a Christian Band, with Christian lyrics and all that good stuff. But that does not mean though, to take this stuff as “pansy” or “kids” because these lyrics are dark, brooding and mighty. Instead of focusing on the loving and the “Jesus is Your Friend” message like a lot of these radio bands: HORRIFIC MAJESTY focuses on God’s sheer might, his anger and yet his mercy as well. Focusing on the redemption of man to God (Lord Horrific’s own tale?) moving into the darkness and coming out again to the light. To see how these lyrics are here’s a passage from the title track:


“I stand but not alone

Against this world of hate….

That’s ripped my heart to shreds

No pain can touch me now

A Holy Fire will cleanse

…A White Wolf Emerges

Slaughtering Black Sheep

From God you cannot hide

Just rot and wait to die”


Yeah, one look at that out of context and you wouldn’t even know this was a Christian band, but this is why this band is so great. The positive, yet somber and melancholy lyrics deliver a message that we are indeed nothing compared to God. Mixed in with the dark, natural sounding music, this message is understood so well. With fast, cold tracks like “Word Of Waste” to slow Doom ridden tracks like the title track, this album has it all and does it so well that you can’t help but notice it. The closing track the all piano “A Soul Decays In Darkness” is fantastic, one of the best ending to an album these ears have ever heard. This is one of the saddest albums I’ve ever heard and yet the message is a positive one, bizarre I know. For fans of BURZUM, XASTHUR and the like, this is one band that never disappoints and always impresses. One of my favorite releases of 2006 so far. (Online July 8, 2006)

Sam Becherer

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