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Frostmoon Eclipse - Dead And Forever Gone (-/10) - Italy - 2006

Genre: Acoustic
Label: ISO666
Playing time: 41:39
Band homepage: Frostmoon Eclipse


  1. What Could Have Been >mp3
  2. Long Gone
  3. Last Will
  4. Devilish And Mournful
  5. A Moment Long A Lifetime
  6. A Warm Yesterday
  7. With Your Emptiness >mp3
  8. Neon Lights
  9. Joyless And Soulless
  10. Once Was Gold
  11. Ten Thousand Miles Ahead
  12. It Heals, It Hurts
Frostmoon Eclipse - Dead And Forever Gone

FROSTMOON ECLIPSE is a Black Metal band from Italy. “Dead And Forever Gone” is an album from this band. What is the final conclusion? All those who voted for a purely acoustic album were right. What is my purpose with this adventurous logic you ask? It lies before me, round, silver and with a hole in the middle. This CD, after two demos, three EPs, two splits and two complete albums. It is an experiment of these Italians, only soft tracks, no distorted sound or vocals, it is a fact that these songs never ever fitted the Black Metal label.


What can you write about an album which stylistically walks on a very narrow path and impresses only on the whole? Maybe, that the acoustic guitars are played very soft, without any aggression (yes, even acoustic guitars can sound aggressive), the vocals carry on in this soft vein and only a slight rhythm is added without becoming too intrusive.


The band itself pretends that the album should exude sadness, hunger and decrepitude and even if I agree only partly with this, “Dead And Forever Gone” has actually a very desolate, sad and a kind of grey atmosphere, which should fit well with a rainy autumn day. So if you want to hear something of this kind, how a Black Metal band goes acoustic, then this is a good example! (Online July 9, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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